8K LED TVs are getting cheaper but still far for middle class


In Berlin, Germany the production of 8K LED TVs have started and it is coming soon for the use of the consumers.

The two big giants Samsung and LG have already announced that the 8K LED TVs will soon be available and now to give a tough competition to the two biggies, a Chinese consumer electronics company, ‘Changhong’ have started an initiative to provide cheapest 8K LED TVs to the consumers.

As for now Sharp 8K LED TVs will cost you around $133000 which is a very high price but the Chinese manufacturer has promised to provide at much cheaper rate.

In the cheapest money you will get OLED screen for really deep black levels, increased brightness and higher contrast and a 7,680 x 4,320 resolution that has four times as many pixels as a 4K UHD TV. The 8K TV runs on Android, supports High Dynamic Range+ (HDR).

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