7 things a girl thinks when dreaming of a man



This article is for those men who thinks they are handsome and sexy, we will cover all the vital factors that run in the minds of girl when a handsome and hot men passes over them.

1.As per a recent survey, many girls find it sexy watching their partner playing Xbox, as there are lots of excitement in playing the game and girls like it a lot.
“It’s hot because he’s super-engrossed, there’s the sexiness of seeing his fingers move really quickly, and distracting him from it with a blowjob or a handjob is a challenge.”

2.Girls are desparate for the guys to play with their boobs, most of them thinks that grown-up guys give very less importance to boobs rather they eye on other parts.

3.They love to watch a man maturbating whether infront of them or they use to see through the keyholes. It excites them a lot.


4.Biceps and flat abs makes a man looks hot and sexy and this turns on a girl so easily.

5.Girls love their man to turn them on in the morning, “Absolutely. It turns a lot of girls on.”


6.Men wearing tight jeans or boxer turns on the girl as they think, ” I like the fact he’s horny because they’re mine and smell like me.”

7.A guy who is bald, and clean shaven body is the ultimate factor as she gets aroused when thinking of to see him naked.