7 Celebrities Mothers Who did not Need a Man to Succeed

In general in the Indian society most of the mothers need a man to survive in the society and they feel inclined towards a man for both financial and emotional support, but these 7 mothers are the epitome of women’s power and they proved that without a man also they can grow up their kids as well as take care of themselves.


7.Poonam Dhillon


Poonam met Ashok Thakeria through a common friend, producer-director Umesh Mehra. Poonam’s father had expired and she had decided not to celebrate Holi that year. Umesh, however, invited her to his Khandala farmhouse for the celebrations. She initially refused but agreed since Umesh and his wife Ritu were very close friends.

As years passed, their incompatibility increased and they started having arguments. Finally, in October 1997, Poonam walked out of Ashok’s home and moved into her sister’s home. The main reason why they drifted apart was apparently because she felt there was no passion left in her relationship with Ashok.