5 Singers Who started the Era of Voice Changer Rapping


In the current days almost in all songs voice changer are used to make the songs more rocking and the actual sound of the voice is very less, rather it sounds somewhat more instrumental.

Check out the 5 great singers who started the Era of voice changer rapping as they completly changed their voice for that….

1.Neil Young

Neil Young’s biggest stylistic gamble came in the ‘80s, when he released Trans as his first album with new label Geffen Records. The album is a striking blend of electronic and analog music featuring more synth than guitar and masking Young’s distinct warbly vocal style with a vocoder.

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Adam Miller began Chromatics as a solo project in 2001, recording lo-fi krautrock-influenced post-punk using a four-track. The sound shift on their third album Night Drive was by most all account a big success, with the album and its successor Kill for Love becoming critical favorites.

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