5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Could Not Marry Their Love !


1.Rajesh Khanna and Anju Mahendru


One such love story that kept us wondering as to what went wrong was that of his alleged affair with Anju Mahendru.
Apparently the two were in a relationship for about seven years before Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia,
leaving Anju wondering as to what had gone wrong. According to reports, the two started seeing each other
during their struggling days. In the early days of their relationship, Anju reportedly supported his dreams
like a devoted girlfriend. Rajesh, too, cared for her and reportedly lavished his affection and earnings upon her.
Once the actor became super successful he charmed and convinced Anju into putting aside her career for him.
The madly-in-love starlet obliged and soon she officially became Rajesh Khanna’s girlfriend. However,
it was apparently their diverse personalities that caused a rift between the two. In an interview,
Anju was quoted as saying that Rajesh was a very orthodox man, and yet somehow, he was always attracted
to ultra-modern girls.

2. Raj Kapoor and Nargis


When Nargis met Raj Kapoor, he was a married man (Raj Kapoor was married to Krishna Raj Kapoor, the sister of famous actors Rajendranath and Prem Nath).
Hence it is alleged that Raj Kapoor who was a family man and had children, would not leave his family for Nargis Dutt. This apparently left her heartbroken and she soon sought solace in the arms of her co actor Sunil Dutt who was said to be besotted by her. The romance is said to have materialized on the sets of Mother India where ironically, Sunil Dutt was playing Nargis’ son in the film. When a fire broke out while shooting, Sunil Dutt jumped in to save her life and this moved Nargis Dutt.
He soon asked her hand in marriage and the two tied the knot. It is said that Nargis was devastated with Raj Kapoor’s womanizing ways and is said to have found some comfort in the arms of Sunil Dutt who loved his wife truly! A truly heart wrenching love story!

3. Madhubala Dilip Kumar


Dilip Kumar (real name Muhammad Yusuf Khan) was engaged to Madhubala, who was the most celebrated actress of her times. But it is said, the actor’s ego came in between and they both broke up. The story is, Madhubala was not getting permission from her father to shoot at a certain place during the filming of BR Chopra’s Naya Daur and Dilip Kumar was approached by the producer to convince her father. He tried, but failed and the actress refused to disobey her father. And when it came to their marriage, Dilip Kumar asked her to quit films and marry him. Madhubala first asked him to apologize to her father and only then would she agree, to which Dilip saab refused. They broke up because he did not apologize to her father. Madhubala was madly in love with Dilip Kumar and it is said, that she was sad when he got married to Saira Bano who was 22 younger than him.

4. Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit


Sanjay Dutt was married to Richa Sharma and had a daughter, Trishala. But her untimely death due to cancer,
left the actor devastated. It was at this time (in the 90s) that he was linked to his beautiful co star Madhuri Dixit,
the Dhak Dhak girl of Bollywood. The two allegedly got close to each other on the sets of Saajan. It is alleged that everyone was surprised by this link up rumour as Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju was considered to be the bad boy of the industry. Some reports even suggest that their affair started before Sanjay’s wife Richa passed away and Madhuri’s father was unhappy with this linkup. But after Sanjay’s TADA arrest , all the stories died down and Madhuri allegedly moved on. Sad but true!

5. Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty

Akshay and Shilpa Shetty worked on many films together and it was on the sets of one such film that the love between the two blossomed. Akshay was the seasoned lover of Bollywood who had been linked to actresses Raveena Tandon, Pooja Batra and Mamta Kulkarni to name a few. Shilpa was a besotted actress in love with her co star. But things seemed to crumble for the petite actress when she found out Akshay was cheating on her and two timing her with her then best friend, Twinkle Khanna. Before Shilpa or anyone could digest what was happening, Akshay had tied the knot with Twinkle Khanna, daughter of Dimple and Rajesh Khanna. Shilpa seemed heart broken but as they say, all’s well that ends well. She is now happily married to Raj Kundra and they have a son together!