12 Movies in Which the actors did SEX in Real


You might be wonderinghow could it be possible for real sex in Hollywood films, but its true in some badass movies, it has really happaned, and the actors have crossed all limits and did real sex.

Here are the list of films that you must know and their story has ben elaborated a bit so that you can know about the script.

1.Lie With Me (2005)


Lie with Me received a 38% “Rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Writing for Variety, Leslie Felperin says that “Barry Stone’s lensing, favoring a soft, Northern-climes afternoon light for the sex scenes in particular, looks dreamy throughout”, but that “with its drawn-out last act and sentimental ending, this pic is a long way from being the Gen-Y “Last Tango in Paris” it would like to think it is.