‘Sultan’ Trailer Review- ‘Sultan’ may be the biggest blockbuster


Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ trailer has already crossed 5 million mark and still raising day by day. The old accent of Salman is gone and a new accent is rocking.

Sultan might involve the most ‘acting’ Khan has had to do for a film in the recent past, but — given his grimaces and his graceless, wooden attempt at a heartland accent — the jury’s out on whether that’s a good thing. Anushka Sharma looks good opposite him, though, fresh and spunky and well cast.

Salman played the 40 years old wrestler and what a gut he has.

The film surely would be a gigantic hit which may cross all the marks of all films of Bollywood till now after we have seen the huge views of ‘Sultan’ trailer.

The entire plot is based on sports and Sultan and his lady love Aarfa who also come in wrestling later. The film introduces you to guy and girl, gives you the top lines, and gives away the fact that — for at least some part of this wrestling underdog story — Salman Khan plays a 40-year-old has been.

Watch the Trailer

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