10 Amazing Benefits of Sex that You Must Know


Age, wrinkles and loss of concentration and so many things that you might face when you grow old, but what we are going to say will stunn you a lot, you will forget wrinkles, age.

Sex plays a vital role in our lives and sure it is a must for every couple to have healthy sex if wish to have a healthy and wrinkle free skin.

Check out the facts and benefits of sex in daily life and its effect on health:
1.Flush Out Stress

Healthy sex min 2 times a week flushes out your stress level and this in turn lower your blood pressure and you will feel relaxed always. It will make you happy, sex flushes out stress causing hormones.



2.Kicks out insomnia that hampers your mind and soul

Orgasms releases Oxytocin and this in hence helps in dropping of insomnia, just before orgasms body releases this hormone and helps in relaxation and sleepiness.
3.Strengthen bones expecially in women

Sex releases testosterone levels before and after and can boost oestrogen levels in post-menopausal women and hence some protection against the ­bone-thinning condition osteoporosis that is triggered by a lack of oestrogen.
4.Lower the risk of prostate cancer

As per the latest research by a well known University, men who enjoys regular sex in their 50s have lower risk of developing prostate cancer.


5.Sex makes you away from headache

It has been found as per survey that regular sex will make you stay away from headache as oxytocin and endorphins released during sex can help shift pain.
6.It helps in lowering Blood Preassure

Yes its true and practically it has been proved that regular sex reduces blood pressure level and this is really a great thing.


7.You will get a healthy glowy skin

It has been found in latest research that vigorous sex pumps higher levels of oxygen around the body, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin, and pushes newer, fresher skin cells to the surface, making skin look healthier.


8.You will get wrinkle free skin

Menopausal women who had sex every week had oestrogen levels that were twice as high as their counterparts who abstained and helps in removing think skin lines.


9.Get rid of Cold and Flu

It has been found that regular sex raises your body’s levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which can protect you from colds and flu.


10.Increases fertility level
Semen health was found to be best when sex had last occurred less than two days before the sperm was tested and was greatly decreased after 10 days of abstinence.